Sunday 2014.08.10

August 10, 2014

Subway Series Event 2

“Grannie Gone Mad” Version 2

Pair of men and pair of women each complete the following simultaneously —
In 9 Minutes:
10 C&J, 95/135
10 C&J, 115/155
10 C&J, 135/185
AMRAP C&J, 145/205

After each set of 10 C&J, pair must complete 40 double unders and 20 toes-to-bar before moving on to their next 10 C&J (including during AMRAP.) A pair can only move onto the next station when their opposite gender pair is also ready to move (i.e. if your pair of men have finished the first 10 C&J but your pair of women have not, the men must wait for the women to finish before proceeding to the double unders. If the women finish the double unders before the men, they must wait to move onto the toes-to-bar, etc.)

98 with Paul, Ariel, Kath.

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