Thursday 2014.07.31

July 31, 2014


20kgx5, 40×5, 60×3, 70×2, 80×1, 90F.

Failed right at the bottom. May have fucked this up a little by doing 50 wall ball and 50 air squats too fast yesterday. That seems like a totally pathetic excuse but last time I squatted I could rep 90 so I don’t know what’s going on.

Old PR 220#, but that was low bar. More recent high bar PR 200#.


20kgx5, 30×5, 40×1, 45×1, 50F.

Most recent PR 103#. That 45 felt easy so more or less the same. Sticking point 6″ off chest. Or so.


1 EMOM for 10 mins. This was sadly difficult.

Class WOD / Ego Boost

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