Wednesday 2011.12.07

December 8, 2011

Ladies’ Night
Knee “Isabel”
For time:
30 Snatches, 135lbs95lbs


Snatching from knees, which was kind of like a more-difficult version of a hang power snatch. This is slower than my squat Isabel, and definitely waaaayyy slower than regular Isabel. Interesting experiment. Dana came in later and did it faster than me which of course makes me think I was slacking 😉

CWOD Shit.

Strict Pull-Ups, Green Band, Palms-Forward, Max Reps
11, 11, 10, 10, 10

Strict HSPU, 2xGreen Band, Middle (8.5′?) Bar
11, 11, 10, 10, 10

3 sets of 2 Negative Pull-Ups
3 sets of 2 Negative Bar Dips

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