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October 18, 2011
via Helga Weber on flickr.

When I reach for the coffee in the morning with this exact same movement, that's when I know it's not better yet. Best to demonstrate what hurts with a picture of a hot girl, I always think.


Scaption exercises on the first 3 minutes of this video.

@2×5#, rested 30s after each 30:30 set.

Weighted Retractions and pull-up 6:1 see this video starting at 3:10.

Used medium (let’s get technical: 65#) band for these because no band made shoulder feel super tweaked out.

Practice your Hollow position 6 rounds of 30:30.

Tried to maintain good form.  Scaled down a little each round to facilitate that (arms/legs extended, left leg bent, right leg bent, left leg bent/arms bent, right let bent/arms bent, everything bent 😉

Practice your Wall-facing Handstand Push-ups 6 rounds of 30:30.

Put feet on wall and weight in hands and decided to skip this.  Shoulder feels a lot better but not handstand better, apparently.

CrossFit Workout of the Day

4 rounds for time:
5 x 1-arm DB Squat Clean & Jerk, Left Arm, 35#
10 x 1-arm DB Overhead Walking Lunge, Left Arm, 35#
20 x 1-arm DB Sit-ups
5 x 1-arm DB Squat Clean & Jerk, Right Arm, 35#
10 x 1-arm DB Overhead Walking Lunge, Right Arm, 5#
20 x 1-arm DB Sit-ups


Tried a couple 1-arm DB sit-ups and decided it wasn’t going to last at a weight that made any sense for the C&J.  Even 35# felt super light for everything but the sit-ups, and even with the weight on chest instead of overhead the sit-ups were slow.  Also figured out that although I can C&J 35# with bad shoulder, doing an overhead walking lunge with 5# still feels super tweaky.  Weird.  Need another massage session to loosen it up or something maybe.  Impatient.

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