Thursday 2011.09.01

September 2, 2011

Maybe I'll watch this movie again tomorrow, when doubtless I'll feel like I've been hit by a truck and won't want to get out of bed.

CrossFit Workout of the Day
5 rounds for time of:
800m Run
30 Kettlebell Swings, 32kg
30 Pull-ups

Uhmmmmm….. 85-ish minutes? First 4 rounds in ~50 minutes. Then f-ed up grip led to some hand tearing, so stopped to make grips… then *really* didn’t want to be out for a week waiting for hands to heal, so aggressively tried to avoid putting pressure on ripping areas… ended up doing single fingertip pull-ups for all of round 5… which took about 30 minutes all by itself. Finished only on principle. Ha.

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