Sunday 2011.09.04

September 5, 2011

Pro tip from Phaidra: keep your socks on!

CrossFit Workout of the Day

“God’s Day Of Rest”
courtesy of Sam Briggs

For time:
10 HSPU (scaled to one abmat)
20 back squats @ “BW” (scaled to 135#)
30 pull ups
40 KB swings 16kg
50 box jumps 20″
100 walking lunges 25lb plate
50 burpees
40 ball slams, 20lbs
30 push press @ “1/2 BW” (scaled to 65lbs)
20 wall balls, 14lbs
10 single arm pull-ups (scaled to jumping/negatives)


Sorta a slog.  Still feeling the distinct after-effects of Eva.  Sam Briggs KILLED this in 20-ish minutes — I’ve got a long way to go to live up to the name!

Later: ice bathing, brunching, and framing doors for time.  Getting super close on fancy new tri-tastic bathroom!

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