Tuesday 2011.07.19

July 21, 2011

New Hall Monitor

CrossFit Workout of the Day


Dynamic/Plyo Push-up Practice


Hang Power Clean
10 sets of 2 at 30 second intervals



2 rounds for time:
50 Sledge Hammer Strikes LT (10#)
50 Sledgehammer Strikes RT (10#)
One Arm Farmer Walk 50 yards RT, AHAP (110#)
One Arm Farmer Walk 50 yards LT, AHAP (110#)
Rest 2 minutes between rounds


Olympic Weightlifting

Clean & Jerk practice

Man can I use all the practice I can get. Squat cleans feel pretty foreign due to failure to do them basically ever. Split jerk is a giant disaster area. Looking forward to drilling this stuff more!

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