Saturday 2011.06.11

June 11, 2011

Skill Practice with Team Virtuosity

Row 300m
3 sets max reps HSPU
Row 300m

Must be seriously fatigued because couldn’t get one good full ROM HSPU today.  Rowing felt pretty great though.  Pulled the first one around a 1:40 pace, second even faster.  Need to redo that 500m sprint at some point.

3 sets max reps C2B: 5, 5, 5
1 set max kettlebell swings, 16kg: 50
3 sets max double-unders: 63, 28, 61
1 set max overhead squats, 65#: 40

I’ve done a set of 100 kb swings at that weight before, so this was just kind of a cop-out.  Super hot in the gym, super low energy day. 

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