Monday 2011.06.27

June 27, 2011

CrossFit Buy In

Ring Rows

3 sets of 10.  Feet slightly forward of rings.

CrossFit Workout of the Day

Box Squats

45×2, 95×2, 115×2, 135×2, 155×2, 155×2 (all +chains 80lbs at top)

CrossFit Cash Out

21-15-9 Reps For Time:
Box Jumps, 24”
Handstand Push-Ups (to 1 abmat)

16:13.  Slower than the last time I did it by at least 45 seconds… and felt WAY worse.  Shoulders were screaming from the very first set.  Maybe a DT hangover?  Got down to singles by the end when last time I was doing sets of 3… Hopefully better next time!

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