Saturday 2011.05.07

May 7, 2011

Fucked around with some lifting stuff.  Probably should have been a rest day.

Clean & Jerk
33, 53, 83, 103, 123, 133F (Jerk), 133, 138, 143F (Jerk) x2, 143, 143F (Jerk) x3

As usual I have a mental block with the jerk.  I’m considering doing an intensive jerk program wherein I do sets of 10 at increasing weight daily to overcome my fear of it.

<20-Minute Douchebag Hiatus: I was interrupted at this point by two guys who wanted to know how they could get in a mad arm workout, dude, so they’ll be stacked for beach season.  You know what’s soon?  BEACH SEASON.  Sun’s out, guns out, bitches.>

Annnyway… decided to return to just cleaning since my jerk was pretty much tapped out.  Warmed it up again a little.

123, 133, 143, 148, 153F

Overhead Squat
53, 83, 103, 123, 133

May be experiencing some slight fatigue here.  PR is 145.  Put 143 on my shoulders and couldn’t commit to getting it overhead.  So calling it a night.

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