Tuesday 2011.03.22

March 22, 2011

CrossFit Buy In

50 Double Kettlebell Swings

Worked up to 2x16kg.  Kinda took it easy to spare back again.

CrossFit  Workout of the Day

21, 15, 9 reps for time of:
Chest to Bar Pull-ups
Box Jumps, 24” / 20”
Wallballs, 20# / 14#


Ohmygod I am going to get completely eviscerated the minute the Open gets around to something bodyweight 😉  Still, was pretty happy to finally sorta-figure-out rebounding onto the 20” box.  Yay!  Now I just need to be able to string together, oh, maybe 21 of them.  That’d be nice.

CrossFit Cash Out

30 GHD Sit-ups 20-ish sit-ups from hanging upside down with knees over p-bars.  Strange sensation. Significantly less lower-back-crunchy than the GHD.


Sumo Deadlifts

~5 sets of 3 @95# with green band.
~5 singles @95# with green band.

Became frustrated with inability to recruit appropriate muscles. Decided to practice without band just engaging glutes.

95, 145, 155, 175, 185.

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