Wednesday 2011.02.16

February 16, 2011

Noey Week 1, Day 2


30 minutes of practice — kicked up to wall on 15# dumbbells.  Want to work up to being able to kick up on parallettes.  Practiced freestanding handstand (can get up to ~15 seconds) and handstand-forward-roll.  Still default to bridging, but with some sustained consideration (must-tuck-must-tuck-must-tuck) did about 10 good roll-outs.


Back Squat
45x5x2, 95×5, 115×5, 135×5, 145×5, 155×5, 165×5, 175×5

Bench Press
45x5x2, 65×5, 85×5, 95×5, 105×5, 110×4,F

Squat feels almost back to normal… I used to be able to do 185×5 with not too much trouble, and 175 felt heavy but doable.  Bench is still kinda fucked — was doing 115×5 in December.  All coming back though, all coming back.


Prowler Sprints
Yellow pole -> rings and back OTM for 10 minutes. 

Took between ~20 and ~30 seconds per lap.  First couple laps felt easy, last couple laps felt hard.  Mild nausea and wheeziness induced: success!

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