Thursday 2011.02.10

February 10, 2011

Jumped on the Noey bandwagon today… hopefully I’ll be able to stick with it!


Muscle Snatch
22x5x2 (hang)
42x5x2 (hang)
62x1x3 (hang)
42×5 (knee)
42×5 (floor)
62x1x3 (floor)
Mostly playing with keeping big chest and trying to get good extension.

72, 82, 92, 102, 107F, 102
Kinda exhausted.  Felt a little sloppy once it got heavy.  Wasn’t catching right; didn’t feel like I was getting full extension any more.  Reverting to bad habits.

Snatch Balance
62, 67, 72F
Practicing dropping under with no heave.  Super hard to be fast enough.

Clean & Jerk
1 on the minute for 10 minutes, 95#
This was pretty light and basically just gave me a chance to work on my split jerk, which I have been neglecting mightily.

(or not-so-much-metcon, as the case may be.)

5 rounds:
Max reps Bench Press, bodyweight 95#
Max reps Pull-ups

14/15, 14/15, 11/15, 9/10, 7/9 = 55/64 = 119

Wow, that fell off WAY faster than I expected.  My bench is still not feeling its best.  Probably because I haven’t been benching.  Pull-ups felt pretty good considering how many I’ve already done this week!  Need to keep working on kipping rhythm — it’s still a little off and I can’t string more than 5 or 6 together before I have to reset. 

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