Sunday 2011.02.06 Day 7 of the

February 6, 2011

Sunday 2011.02.06

Day 7 of the Winter Paleo Challenge

breakfast    Coconut Milk
breakfast    Mixed Nuts
breakfast    Wyman’s Frozen Wild Blueberries
lunch    Apple, Raw
lunch    Classic Almond Butter
lunch    Horseradish Sauce
lunch    Roast Beef (deli)
dinner    Bard’s Gold Sorghum Malt Beer
dinner    Chicken Wing
dinner    Date
dinner    Grilled Skinless Chicken Breast


Not 100% accurate — dinner consisted of various paleo-ish Super Bowl snacks… slip-ups definitely occurred (“paleo” beer, some cheese products.)  Too many different things consumed to itemize accurately. 

Also of note: Since a week prior to the beginning of this challenge I have been attempting to limit my carbohydrate intake to <100g per day with no regard paid to total number of calories consumed otherwise (i.e. I’ve been putting away 2,000-3,000 cals/day of largely fat.)  This was an experiment on myself inspired by finally getting through “Good Calories, Bad Calories,” which makes a convincing argument that carbs are the devil. 

Since then I have felt much, much stronger, more energetic, more productive, and in general my performance has been, well, pretty rockin’.  Unfortunately I have also *gained* 5lbs over 2 weeks.  I conclude that although carbohydrate limitation is pretty great (and if you haven’t read “Good Calories, Bad Calories” I continue to recommend it,) it’s not the be-all and end-all.  I still gotta be able to do pull-ups! 

So, although I don’t think I’ll need to resort to any kind of starvation diet, and will not be obsessively counting calories, I am going to start limiting overall food intake, particularly attempting to remove snacking, and trying to eat only when actually hungry.  I am a terrible boredom-snacker and eater-of-habit pretty much regardless of actual hunger or lack thereof.  Need to listen to my body more!  Will continue limiting carb intake.  Hope to see continued improved performance *and* some leaning out!

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