Saturday 2011.02.26

February 26, 2011

Exhausting weekend!

Hail To The Queen!

Workout #1: Max work in 5 minutes.  Choose between deadlift, clean, snatch.  Score = weight x deadlift reps x 2 + weight x clean reps x 4 + weight x snatch reps x 6.  You may swap weights / exercises once if desired.

Decided to do max reps snatch at 63#.  Made it to 69 reps.

Score = 63 x 69 x 6 = 26,082 ft-lbs.

Or, if you were to use my actual vertical reach which is closer to 7.5’ than 6’, 32,602 ft-lbs 😉  

Workout #2: 1,2 punch – total time cap of 15 minutes
A.  2 minutes max reps thrusters at 73#.  For every rep under 25, you must complete 3 burpees.  Total penalty burpees must be done immediately after the 2 minute time cap and completed before moving to the next part of this workout.
B.  21-15-9 pull ups and sumo deadlift high pulls 73#.

Score: 32 thrusters; 9:34 pull-ups/sdlhp.

Really burned myself out on the thrusters.  The second part of the workout took me a full 3 minutes longer than it did in practice… sdlhp felt insanely heavy.  Need to work on my form!

Workout #3: Balls to the wall
10 minute AMRAP
2 wall climbs
10 medball clean wall balls 14#, 10ft target
20 double unders

Score: 5 rounds + 5 medball clean-wall balls.

Wall climbs surprisingly difficult/slow, but this went pretty well all-in-all, especially considering how tired everything felt after the first two events!

Ended up second overall which was a nice surprise!  I was definitely aided by having two events play to my “take this medium sized weight and pick it up as many times as you can in x minutes” strength.  And also by being placed in heat 4, which gave me the chance to watch a bunch of other people do each workout before I had to take a stab at it!

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