Tuesday 2011.01.04

January 4, 2011

Today’s workout was very dispiriting.  I’ve been out basically since Christmas with various illnesses and now I am apparently weak as a kitten.  Not even a baby panda.  A fucking kitten.  My squat has gone down 50lbs and so has my bench.  I cried.  Literally.


3 rounds, nft:
5 diamond push-ups
5 regular push-ups
5 wide push-ups
5 snatch grip pull-ups
5 regular with pull-ups, chest-to-bar
5 close grip chin-ups

All push-ups done elevated on barbell resting on new rack pins in 7th hole.  All pull-ups strict green banded.

Here’s where the real shit-show started.

Back Squat

155×5 highly questionable reps

This did actually constitute a significant back-off from what I was lifting previously.  And also would have been the first day of a 5-3-1 cycle, which is supposed to be easy.  The first attempt at the 155 set I failed because I literally thought I was going to be crushed under the bar on the first rep.  Then I did another set of 5 but most likely did not go low enough.

Bench Press


Was supposed to also do 110.  Got trapped under the bar at 100#.  A mere month ago I could bench 105×10.  Something is severely wrong with me. 

I would like to die now please.

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