Saturday 2010.12.04

December 4, 2010

Saturday 2010.12.04

USAPL Powerlifting Meet in KOP

Back Squat
85kg (187lb)
90kg (198lb)
95kg (209lb) (F)

Bench Press
55kg (121lb)
60kg (132lb)
65kg (143lb) (F)

90kg (198lb)
105kg (231lb)
115kg (254lb) (F)

Total: 255kg (562lb)

Yeah, so not my best performance.  The weights I succeeded in lifting were on the easy side for me.  In my defense, I did this after about 5 hours of sleep, a 4:30am wake-up time, a 2-hour drive, and 3-4 days of a nasty stomach-flu-ish-thing.  Was not in a good mental place to push myself to lift the heavy stuff.  Just felt like quitting as soon as it got kinda heavy.  Weak sauce!

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