Tuesday 2010.11.30

November 30, 2010

Tuesday 2010.11.30

CrossFit Buy In

9, 7, 5 Reps For Time:

4:17.  Ugh.  10 seconds slower than last time.  Although to be honest I was not really going for it.  Practicing my jump-to-bar, which is apparently not my forte.

CrossFit Workout

Complete 5 unbroken rounds (not for time) of the following barbell complex at the heaviest weight you can manage:
7 Power Cleans
5 Front Squats
3 Push Presses

65, 95, 115.  Felt okay and failed the presses @115 last time, so sweet.  Stopped at 3 rounds though, because I am very tired and things just aren’t feeling awesome. 

CrossFit Cash Out

Um, no, not today thank you.

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