Tuesday 2010.11.16 Back Squats4-ish sets of 5 with around 7

November 16, 2010

Tuesday 2010.11.16

Back Squats
4-ish sets of 5 with around 70# + chains.  Then a couple sets of 2.

Tabata Squats
17, but Gregg pointed out that I failed to open my hips completely on quite a few, so not counting it for the man list this time.  Gotta stay honest!

Complete as many rounds as possible in 12 minutes of:
5 Hang Clean & Press, Right Arm
5 Hang Clean & Press, Left Arm
8 rounds + 3 left arm C&P, 35# kettlebell.

Left arm quite significantly weaker than right arm!

Cash Out
100 Sit-Ups for time — 2:50.  Unbroken, but felt sluggish.

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