Tuesday 2010.06.01

June 1, 2010

Tuesday 2010.06.01

Back on the wagon!  The weekend involved a lot of ice cream and booze.  Time to return to clean livin’!

To keep me honest: I plan to reintegrate dairy into my diet, because although it was informative to cut it out for the past 60 days, I don’t appear to have any problem digesting it, and can’t detect any ill-effects associated with reintroducing it via ice cream.  Also I enjoy milk in my coffee, and cottage cheese is a good protein source.  I am going to try to keep it at that though, because I don’t really enjoy the idea of having holes poked in my intestines.

I will be cutting out alcohol again because the no booze experiment has made me keenly aware of how much drinking fucks with me.  (That is to say, a lot.) 

Once again I will be attempting to avoid snacking and eating reasonable portion sizes.  Also plan to attempt to eat significantly more veggies.  We’ll see how it goes!

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