Tuesday 2010.05.11 Swimminga.k.a. I try not to drown for ab

May 11, 2010

Tuesday 2010.05.11

a.k.a. I try not to drown for about 30 minutes.

Finally got my goggles today, so attempted to swim freestyle like a normal person.  Sadly I was completely unable to master the controlled breathing required, and hence spent half an hour basically snorting/inhaling chlorine-water.  It feels totally unnatural to exhale underwater.  After a while I switched to breaststroke because in theory the breathing’s easier.  Still found it shockingly challenging.  No idea how many laps were covered, except for the 12-ish I did at the end employing my faithful backstroke.

Afterward was so out of it that I managed to engage the window lock in a car without realizing it, and then was unable to figure out why I couldn’t roll back up the window until a nice man at an auto body store pointed out that the lock was on.  Feeling moronic is so today.

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