The Sectionals Report Saturday 2010.03.27 WOD #1 F

March 29, 2010

The Sectionals Report

Saturday 2010.03.27

WOD #1

For Time (15 min cap):
Row 1k
30 Burpee Box Jumps 24” Men/20” Women
Row 1k


Rows solid, burpee-box-jumps slow as all hell.  As expected.  Last row awesomely nausea-inducing.  But overall this didn’t fuck me up too badly.  Could probably have taken it a little bit faster.

WOD #2

For Time (15 min cap):
10 Front Squats 155#/95# –  Bar is cleaned from the floor to a standing rack position.  A Squat clean would not count toward the front squat reps.
20 Double unders
8 Front Squats
30 Double Unders
6 Front Squats
40 Double Unders
4 Front Squats
50 Double Unders
2 Front Squat
60 Double Unders


Squats felt good.  Double unders were hard to maintain.  Got mostly sets of 10.  Definitely have to work on conditioning — felt really out of breath and exhausted really fast on this.  Also should work on squatting faster.  Bouncing out of bottom of squat correctly continues to elude me.

Sunday 2010.03.28

WOD #3

For Time (17 min cap):
30 OHS 95#/55#
30 Pullups  Chest to Bar (chest must make contact to bar)
30 Power Snatches 95#/55#  
30 Feet to Bar
30 SDLHP 95#/55#
30 Air Squats
30 KBS American 24kg/16kg

DNF (22 snatches in)

Ah, my nemesis.  Chest to bar pull-ups are a lot more difficult than chin-over-bar.  Tried my first on on Thursday, so was not really ready for 30 fast.  Or 30 at all, for that matter!  Overhead squats unbroken.  Then pull-ups took about 12 minutes.  Was pretty happy just to make it through them.  Had about 2 minutes left at the end so cranked out as many snatches as I could (apparently, 22.)  Doing pull-ups faster would not really have made much difference since I am lousy at feet to bar too.

Must work on: pull-ups.  Also deadlifts, feet to bar, ring dips.

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