Saturday 2010.02.20 Cripple-o-licious Workout(-ish) 7 rounds:7 p

February 20, 2010

Saturday 2010.02.20

Cripple-o-licious Workout(-ish)

7 rounds:
7 pull-ups (strict, blue band)
7 “burpees”
7 reverse hypers

Wow, I have not been giving my hips enough credit.  Slightest bit of kipping on the pull-ups hurt, so had to do them super-extra-strict.  They were hard.  “Burpees” were more like get-down-to-the-floor-however-works, do a push-up, then reverse.  Couldn’t really jump forward or backward or off the ground at all.  Used slipperiness of platform to kind of slide back and forward, which was an ab workout in and of itself

Took an unreasonably long time.  Still, felt super good to do something that at least raised my heart rate a little bit.

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